Triform Camphill Community
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Triform Camphill Community is a residential community of seventy people offering therapeutic and vocational programs to residents and day students with developmental disabilities.

Located on beautiful farmland in New York’s rural Columbia County, Triform’s 125 acres encompass pastures, rolling hills, a small river, woods, and gardens. Facilities include seven residential homes as well as a barn with a dairy, farm maintenance shop, bakery, weavery, and community center with an auditorium and classrooms.

As a “youth guidance” community, Triform seeks to accompany the young person (age 18-25) on his or her unique path toward adult independence and self-awareness. The sequence of an education and work program, followed by a work apprenticeship, provides the structure for students to discover their strengths, and to develop skills, self-confidence and responsibility.

Community life at Triform offers the warm, consistent social support of extended family households. It provides a rhythmic structure of daily work and activities. It encourages, through constant social interactions with peers and coworkers of all ages, the development of helpfulness, reliability and respect for others. Finally, it nourishes the inner life of each resident with the joyful celebration of a yearly cycle of Christian and seasonal festivals.