PLUS Group Homes

PLUS Group Homes image Begun by parents whose children suffered developmental disabilities, the mission of PLUS Group Homes has always been to maximize the potential of adults with autism while helping these individuals to attain the highest quality of life possible. We provide housing in the community, and a vast array of services to the developmentally disabled, in order to enhance individual functioning.

Our services include protective oversight, medical, nutritional, psychiatric and nursing care, habilitative services, social work services, recreation, art therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and behavioral therapy.

These services are provided to all consumers in our three Intermediate Care Residences and on an individualized basis in our two Individualized Residential Alternative residences. Attainment of the highest level possible of community integration, participation and inclusion is our goal.

PLUS Group Homes provides its services in Nassau County in New York State. Being a small agency, with 42 consumers, PLUS Group Homes is often overlooked by givers. We therefore enthusiastically appreciate all charitable giving and donations of any type.