NYU Langone Pediatric Cardiology
website: pediatrics.med.nyu.edu/cardiology

NYU Pediatrics image The New York University - Langone Medical Center and School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics provides care for children and families at world-class facilities throughout New York City, offering a complete range of cardiatric care, both pre- post-natal.

Patients come from all over the United States and the world to benefit from pediatric cardiac care at NYU Langone Medical Center. The attending faculty of NYU's Pediatric Cardiology Program provide consultation and care of young patients with known or suspected heart problems. We pride ourselves on caring for patients and their families, one child at a time.

Our researchers lead the way in research of pediatric diseases including cancer, genetics, AIDS/HIV and obesity. We are a leading school of medicine for a broad spectrum of pediatric specialties.

Our pediatric residents perform rotations in emergency medicine, cardiology and critical care, hematology and oncology, neonatology, infectious diseases and more. We also offer fellowships and summer research opportunites for medical students preparing for a career in pediatric medicine.

When you make a gift to NYU Langone Medical Center, your contributions, of any dollar amount, help our talented doctors and scientists work together on groundbreaking research and apply our promising findings to some of today’s most challenging healthcare problems.