About Us

In the early 1920s, the Masonic Brothers of the Seventh Manhattan District opened a summer camp for indigent young girls. Since then more than 60,000 children have enjoyed the camping experience. Situated in the beautiful foothills of the Ramapo Mountains, with lovely scenic acres and a private, spring-fed lake, our 80-acre site in Tallman, N.Y. was appropriately called Masonic Camp 7.

Camp 7’s guests were given medical and dental examinations before admission by competent and expert social service technicians to assure that its facilities were available to those children who had the greatest need. Remedial treatment was supplied before admission and often continued through the encampment and after the encampment period.

Besides being taught the meaning of fair play and good citizenship, the campers were taught Dramatics, Music, Dancing, Arts, Crafts and Social Graces.

In the late 1980s, with the proliferation of camps for underprivileged children creating smaller enrollment for our camp each year, it became obvious that our finances and energies could be used in a more fruitful and productive manner. Consequently, in 1990, the Brothers of the District sold the campgrounds in Tallman, New York.

Today, the Brothers of the Seventh District Association, Inc., support many different philanthropic organizations that care for indigent as well as physically and mentally disadvantaged youngsters. A few examples are Child Life at Beth Israel, Rhinelander Children’s Center, Ballets Tech Foundation and Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center. See our charities page for more complete information. Our support amounts to well over $350,000 annually.

As we go forward, we hope you will help us continue our solemn commitment to helping others. With your corporate or personal financial help we can continue to grow and expand the amount of benevolence we can give to these most deserving children.

Please consider what you can do to help today...