website: www.abilitiesonline.org

Abilities! image Abilities! is a non-profit agency dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to become active, independent, and self-sufficient participants in our society. Through education, training, research, leadership and example, Abilities! seeks to provide the highest quality services and to influence national attitudes, policies and legislation in ways that will lead to the greatest benefits for the people we serve.

For over 56 years, Abilities! has developed and delivered mission-focused programs to assist adults and children with disabilities to gain maximum independence. Abilities! is the parent organization for a network of outstanding affiliates, each with a specific area of expertise. This network includes:

Abilities! Inc.
Provides job training and placement services each year to more than 5,000 individuals with disabilities in the New York Metropolitan Area
The Henry Viscardi School
An accredited model school which serves over 200 children, ages 3-21, with severe physical disabilities and rare diseases
The National Business & Disability Council
An organization made up of many Fortune 1000 businesses as well as federal government employers, which is committed to helping employers recruit, hire and retain qualified workers with disabilities
The Nathaniel H. Kornreich Technology Center
An assistive technology center designed to encourage and support the use of assistive technology in the education and employment of people with disabilities.
the Research and Evaluation Center
Evaluates the effectiveness of our programs and also encourages innovative programming -- particularly in the arts -- for adults and children with disabilities
The Smeal Learning Center
A fully accessible conference center, complete with video teleconferencing and web-casting capabilities, which serves Abilities! as well as the neighboring community.
Just One Break (JOB)
An agency co-founded in 1947 by Orin Lehman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bernard Baruch and Howard Rusk, which originally served veterans with disabilities. JOB now serves all job seekers in New York City with disabilities, both visible and hidden.